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Medical Illness

I have specialized training in dealing with the difficulties of patients with long-term medical illnesses or injuries.  I also counsel well spouses/partners and couples in which one partner is sick.

As a patient, you face problems that may at time feel overwhelming.  Although initially after a diagnosis many patients experience an outpouring of support from friends and relatives, over time that support can erode, leading to feelings of isolation.  The losses that come with illness, injury, or pain are significant and poorly understood by the healthy and able-bodied.  Medical illness can  place tremendous pressure on patients' relationships, and the obstacles to finding a place of stability and peace can seem insurmountable at times.  I can help you work through these feelings, renegotiate your relationships, and develop a "new normal."

As a well spouse -- or a former well spouse -- the problems you face are cumulative, enormous, and often overlooked by family, friends and community.  My work with you will provide both hope and a plan.  My approach is nonjudgmental, compassionate and practical.  We will craft new approaches to everything from depression to "rolling grief," from communicating your valid needs to handling conflict, and from family life to sex life.

I am based in Los Angeles but I do occasional travel to consult elsewhere.  In some cases I can work by phone or videoconference.