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Couple Therapy
I specialize in sex and relationship therapy.  In my opinion, you can't really do one without the other. Often when I am consulted for a sexual problem, it turns out to really be a problem in the relationship.  And when I am consulted about a couples' problem, eighty per cent of the time, sex is among their problem issues.

Relationship therapy can be highly effective.  It can be hard work, but it's worth it.  I work with all kinds of couples: straight and gay, young and old, those contemplating commitment and those who have been married for years.  Recent issues I have worked with include a couple from different ethnic and religious backgrounds who are dealing with the challenges of intermarriage; a couple reeling from the impact of one partner's affair; a couple in whom sexual desire has fallen off the table; and a couple in chronic conflict about money.  My work with couples is frank, direct, supportive, and aimed at results.