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A Word About Sex Addiction
Over the past fifteen years, we have seen an explosion of interest in the concept of sexual addiction in our culture.  On the one hand, it can seem like there is a growing epidemic of sex addiction all around us.  On the other hand, it can seem like "Sexual Addiction" is a convenient but vague label that can be misapplied and even used as an excuse for destructive behavior.

True sexual addiction does exist, and it can involve compulsive masturbation, destructive use of pornography, affairs either in real life or online, or other types of problematic behavior.  And when it occurs, sexual addiction can be devastating.  I've seen clients whose sexual behavior has come close to destroying their lives, families, and careers.  But what looks like a sexual addiction on the surface can sometimes really be a symptom of depression or anxiety, a reaction to past trauma, a personality disorder, an obsessive/compulsive disorder, or even a way of coping with extraordinary stress.  Successful treatment of sexual addiction involves a careful assessment and diagnosis, and a thoughtful, well-planned treatment program that addresses both the behavior itself and the underlying issues.  Healing the effects of destructive sexual behavior requires a holistic approach that addresses the needs of not only the client, but also the partner, the family, and sometimes, the community.

I have treated sex addiction successfully and invite you to consult with me on this issue, whether you are male or female, straight or gay, in a couple or single.  My aim is a thoughtful, systematic, and holistic approach which results in healing for you and your loved ones, and hope for the future.